MID: Anivia vs Fizz

Counter here – Counter there, its all about adjusting to the champion that you are facing.

Fizz – Melee attacks, Can dash in on you and deal damage with his Q, and then get untargetable with his E.

Harass him hard in the early game lvl 1-3 with your ranged auto-attacks, but stay on a fair distance.
If he jumps in on you – WAIT!!! with your Q, dont blow it, or you are most likely died. So no need to stress, the more you set your mind to it before the game, the less stressed you will be during the game. So now; Meditate! Jamajamajamajamajamjaaama.

Once you get lvl 6 – play less aggressive with your ulti, don’t place to far in front of you, you want to circle within it when and if you get jumped.
In that situation, in the same secound as the touch the ulti, send them an E and if Fizz has used his E allready, Q – Are they 2 ( ganked by jungler ) try to save the Q until they stand stacked, so you dubble stun, and E as soon as you can.

Pretty hard to give this matchup a score, depends so on the start of the game and how much their jungler will interfere with you

The Verdict


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