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Crushed lane – Lost game

It’s a skill match-up – Riven is not a counter, but will easily start snowballing if you give her early kills.

Riven is a hit-and-run character, not someone who’s going to stick around and let you give free damage.

Do not start trade with Riven before lvl 7-9, play it on her mistakes, let her push you to the tower and farm safe, try to get her under the tower and stun her. Unless she blows hers abilities on minions, give the free dmg you can give without her touching you.

I start: Cloth-armor, 3 pots, a green ward and Warding totem.
Rush: Bilgewater and upgrade it to Blade of the Ruined King.

This game: I went in at her and eat her up at lvl 8 after i got a Bilgewater, when she got back to lane, i took my second kill.

They are three AD on the other team, so i go for ninjas tabi’s

Attackspeed is the key with Irelia – but you have to have enough defense to stand their highest burster’s attack. One way to do it is to go for a midgame GA,

The Verdict


Won the lane won the game.
Started out with Cloth, 3 pots a ward.

Went for early Ninja tabi and then rush Blade of the Ruined King.

Hold my distance to Lee, made him push the minions to my tower and kept farming.. When Lee went in on me, i tryed to stunn him and burst as much as i could and then go back to farming, kept on doin it over and over untill i could take him down and kill him.


The Verdict