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This Yasuo is too new to me to actually write this, but I’ll give it a try.

This guy I’m facing is playing with 19+ armor-pen\armor\magic-res runes and 21/9/0 mastery’s.

There is no other option then to start Cloth-armor, 5 pots and a warding trinket.

Start safe farming on a distance and buildup rage, when you got a stack or two, go E in W\Q and E out, dont do more then that. By handling him like this, i dont think you will be able to burst him when you want. As soon as i got him down at half hp – i build up a full rage ( and he pushed the minions to our side of the lane, so we have to time chase the kill ) and E in W, Q, Ignite if u have – try to hold on the last E so you can dash in the direction that he is running.

As Renekton i got a great sustain so i dont got a problem with HP after farming that kill, so i stay in lane and farm on. When Yasuo come’s back, he charges me ( because lee sin is coming for a gank ) I kill Yasuo pretty fast and go in for Lee Sin and end up with a dubble kill, 3/0 – first back home.


The Verdict


Easy game – Easy lane.

Link to previous Renekton setup: Masterys\Runes

Start: 5 pots cloth-armor and Greater Totem.

Dont trade so much before lvl 3 and stay on distance for Darius, let him push you to the tower more or less and farm like a god.

When you are lvl 3, start wareing him down when you got atleast 1 rage attack ready, E in, Stun him with W, Leech of him with Q and E out again before hes able to even touch you.

I usaly get firstblood here with alittle help of ignite. Go shop and get your first item: Brutalizer.

After this its a easy ride, your ulti counters darius ulti in many situations, dont screw that up!

Get Sunfirecape, Tiamat and upgrade it to Ravenous Hydra and a spirit vissage.

( Was 3/0 before the teamfights started )


The Verdict